National Multi-Year Leadership Gifts   

Ballmer Group - $20 million over 10 years

United States Department of Education - $3 million over 5 years

The Travelers Companies, Inc. - $1 million over 2 years

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation - $715,00 over 2 years

Margaret A. Cargill Foundation -$500,000 over 2 years

AT&T - $250,000 over 2 years


Institutional Donors

$500,000 and above

Ballmer Group

Corporation for National and Community Service●

The Travelers Companies, Inc.


Michael & Susan Dell Foundation



The David R. & Patricia D. Atkinson Foundation

United States Department of Education

William Randolph Hearst Foundation

Margaret A. Cargill Foundation


Kohl's Cares. Kohl's Hometown Giving Program

Siebert Lutheran Foundation

Stimac Family Foundation


Northwest Area Foundation

The Elmwood Foundation

F.I.S.H. Foundation, Inc.

Institution of Education Sciences

National College Access Network

Robert E. Gallagher Charitable Trust


America Achieves

Up to $1000

AmazonSmile Foundation

Service Year Exchange, Inc.

Youth Frontiers, Inc.


Individual and Family Foundations

$50,000 and above

Jeff Berstein*


Amanda McMillian and Benjamin Holloway


Millie Acamovic* and Chris Wilson

Laura* and Robert Gillund

Ed Hlavka and Libby Driscoll Hlavka

Thomas Ranese

Stephen Smith*

Noelle and Jeff* Turner


Kweilin* and David Ellingrud

Sara* and Tom Gavin

Laura Liu⁺ and Kenneth Pomerantz

Jim McCorkell*⁺ and Chris Greenhow


Cassie and Dan Cramer

Beth⁺ and James Giese

Michael Hood and Luisa Palacios

Carlye⁺ and Kamas Rooney

Amy and Alex Ware



Kristin Beckmann and Robert Richman

Shannon Bins*

Joanna Burleson* and Marcos Pereira

Dr. Daniel and Christine Buss

Richard Cloutier and Margaret Kruse

Beth and Mike Mikulay

Jeff* and Jessica Kutash

Julie and Tom Moore

Traci⁺ and Brian Kirtley

Aaron Mysliwiec

Christian and Leslie Vaillancourt

Brad and Catherine Draper

Libby Carrier Doran and Tom Doran

Cheryl and Roger Fiery

Deborah Glotzer and David Waltz

Kendra Krolik⁺



Janet Benway and Keith Gasner

Carrie⁺ and Peter Carroll

David Fairman and Juliette Zener

Tom Hendrickson~

Mary and David Schilli

Susan Thornton

David and Anne-Lise Whitescarver

Marlene* and Jim Ibsen

Alli LeMay~

Joelle Murchison*

Maria and Benjamin Powers                             



Erin⁺ and Gregg Campbell

Kristen Cooper

Lara Dreier⁺

Katie and Brent Erickson

Lorelle Espinosa*

Anne Obst

Michele and John Ramsay

Robert and Pamela Tichy

Darryl Stoflet

Furey Research Partners, LLC

Mara Hennen⁺

Jillian Hiscock⁺

Jay Jackson and Barb Waugh

Jill Kolling


Up to $249

Grace and Frederick Mohrien

Jonathan Parshall⁺ and Margaret Sullivan

Gerard Pierre

Kate Ray~

Kristina⁺ and John Seeger

Nankya Senungi⁺~

Kyle Smestad

Devyn Smith⁺

Kyle Smith

Steven and Nancy Struthers

Graham Sutherland~

Daniel Tobar

Geoff Wilson⁺ and Emily Poskie-Wilson

Anna Wilson⁺

Marcy Woodard⁺

Marilyn Adams

Calvin Allen

Emil and Marion Angelica



Diane and Steven Autey

Ingrid Becher

Crystal and Ken Bradley

Anne Brindle

Amy and Ted Browne

David Cary

Jane and Paul Cashin

Chloe Collins~

Karen Cumblad

Joyce and Ron DeHarpporte

Jeanene and Richard Engebretson

Janet Evans

Elizabeth Flack

Leonora and Adam Gogolak

Beth Haney and Scott Moore

Katy⁺ and Joe Hargis

Janice and Dennis Hennen

Karen and Philip Holden

Emily and Anthony Jacobs

Ashley and Chad⁺ Karlsson

Allison Keeley

Rachel Keir

Linda and Joel Krueger

Bethany⁺ and Shaun Krueger

Maria López⁺


Matching Gift Companies



Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Northwest Area Foundation

Thrivent Financial Foundation


In-Kind Donations

Kristen Cooper

Laura* and Robert Gillund


* National or Local Board Member
+ Staff Member
~ Current Service Member or Corps Alumni
⁰ Current Student or Program Alumni
◊ Deceased
• Pledged Commitment
# Corps Alumni Council Member

^ Alumni Leadership Council Member