Multi-Year Leadership Gifts   

Ascendium Education Group - $1.5 million over 3 years

Cargill/The Cargill Foundation - $1.3 million over 5 years

The Bentson Foundation - $1 million over 4 years

Whitney & Elizabeth MacMillan Foundation - $500,000 over 5 years

Otto Bremer Trust - $400,000 over 2 years

Bank of America Charitable Foundation $200,000 over 2 years

Rob and Carolyn Albright-$100,000 over 3 years

General Mills - $100,000 over 2 years

Smikis Foundation - $100,000 over 4 years

George Family Foundation - $60,000 over 3 years

Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America - $50,000 over 2 years

The Minneapolis Foundation - $50,000 over 2 years


Institutional Donors



Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota


Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company

EMC Insurance

The Hartford

HRK Foundation

Joseph C. & Lillian A. Duke Foundation


Medica Foundation

Messerli Kramer Foundation

Minneapolis Kiwanis Foundation

Northwest Suburban Optimist Club

O'Meara, Leer, Wagner & Kohl, P.A.

OneBeacon Charitable Trust

Peregrine Capital Management, Inc.

Plymouth Lions Club

RBC Wealth Management

SFM Mutual Insurance Company

The Sweitzer Foundation

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Western National Insurance Group

Up to $1,000

The Boston Consulting Group, Inc

concept3d inc.

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Granite City - Rosedale

Hiway Federal Credit Union

LTD Brewing Co

Minnesota Planned Giving Council

Paypal Giving Fund

Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce Charitable Foundation


$500,000 and above



The Bentson Foundation

Cargill/The Cargill Foundation

Ascendium Education Group

Minnesota Office of Higher Education

NorthStar Education Finance, Inc.


Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Otto Bremer Trust

Social Innovation Fund/Greater Twin Cities United Way

Whitney & Elizabeth MacMillan Foundation


3M Foundation

Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation

The Donaldson Foundation

General Mills Foundation

The Travelers Companies, Inc.


Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

Ecolab Foundation

Marsh and McLennan Agency

The Minneapolis Foundation

Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation

Synchrony Financial


Boston Scientific Foundation

Central Minnesota Initiative Foundation

Deluxe Corporation Foundation

The Hanover Insurance Group

The Leonette M. and Fred T. Lanners Foundation

Perrigo Company Charitable Foundation

Thomson Reuters

Thrivent Financial Foundation

Turner Family Foundation

Westfield Insurance Foundation


Art & Martha Kaemmer Fund of the HRK Foundation

George Family Foundation

Hardenbergh Foundation

Minnesota Private College Council

Piper Jaffray

Robins Kaplan LLP Private Foundation

Securian Financial

U.S. Bank Foundation

The Walser Foundation

Xcel Energy Foundation


Individual and Family Foundations

$50,000 and above

Calmenson Foundation

David◊ and Janis Larson Foundation


Rob and Carolyn Albright

Staley Family Foundation*

Smikis Foundation


Karen and John Meslow



Jane and Brian Lavin

Rhonda and Rory O'Neill Fund

Prince Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Meg* and Tony Rodriguez

Sandra Roe

Melissa and Tim Rogan

Sarah and Kevin Shriver

Pete and Margie Ankeny Fund


Mary Dolan

Ann and Doug Duin

John Gabbert

Martha Gabbert

Scott and Marjorie Johnson Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Lucy R. Jones and James E. Johnson



Peggy and Ilo Leppik

Oak Grove Foundation

Laura Pennycuff and Sander Glick

Melissa Raphan and Thomas Rock

Marie and Rick Rodier

Nathan* and Veronica Shore

Corey Sisson

Lee Swearingen

Kate and Eric Whittington

Susan and Peter Ahn


John and Ruth Bergerson Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Sue and Wolfie Browender

The Burdick Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Mark Cater

Michael V. and Ann C. Ciresi Foundation

Paula and Greg Clark

Michelle and David Horan

James Huntting

Joanne and David Laird



Nick Alexander

Anonymous (5)

Martha and Bruce Atwater

Alex*~# and Sarah Bakkum

Nancy and Scott Bartsch

Alan Bergman

Erica Anne Bergsland

Bohmann/Riehle Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Katherine and Sebastian Cherian

Chris and Mary Clover

Sara⁺ and Mark Dziuk

Rondi Erickson and Guilford Lewis

David Feinberg

Linda Figg

Kathy and James Ganley

Heidi Gesell and John Edgerton

Regina* and Geoffrey Getnick

Mike and Shanda Groppetti

Pam and Charles* Grossman

Ruth Hafoka*

Atwater Hannaford Fund

Mary and Stuart Harvey

Carla Haugen

Ann and James Howard

HRK Foundation

Mike and Christina Huck

Sarah Hunt

Denise Rahne* and Thomas Reinartz

Susan and Gary Rappaport

Joselyn Raymundo and Sean McCauley

Rita and Peter Reed

Laura Curtis and Dan Revelle

Philip Rickey

David A. and Kathleen Sweetman Rothenberger

Rowzat Shipchandler and Max Keller

Jon Schwartz and Marcee Harris Schwartz

Paul Scobie and Teresa Thews

Kimberly and Robert Scott

Margaret and Bob Simmet

Winifred Smith and David Lillehaug

Patti* and Robbie Soskin

Stafford Family Foundation

Mary Thorpe-Mease and Bill Mease

Julio Vargas-Essex*

Karen Viskochil Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

The Voelbel Family Fund

Karen Wahmanholm

Sheila and John Walsh

Judy and Bill Walter

Employees of Wells Fargo

Carol and Daniel Wolfe

Shirley Zimmerman

Becky and Brad Kallhoff

Jane and Jim Kaufman Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Tom Kayser

Suzanne and James Kelleher

Carissa and Matt Knutson

Terri Lundy

Alex Makovetsky and Sally Spector

Phillip Margolin

Trista and David McCorkell

Brigid McDonough and Reid McLean

Nicole and Paul Melancon

Kate Menendez and Dan Rogan

Donald* and Karen Monk

Leni and David Moore

Judy and Ted Nagel

Melanie Nelson

Carol and Dennis Nordstrand

Lisa and Lance Novak

Judy and Daniel Nuese

Louis Oberhauser

Brian O'Malley

Robert J. Owens

James Pedric

Erica and John Peterson

Linda Tapsak and David Pote

Paul and Abigail Pribbenow



Jean Adams*

Anonymous (5)

Ernie & Bette Ashcroft

The Ballard Family

Ann Bellows and Charles Wikelius

Brian Benjet, Kimberly Emmons-Benjet and Josh Benjet

John Bessler

Roxie and Jay Bozicevich

Heidi and Stephen Burch

Sandra and Tim Carlin

Anne and Tom Carrier

Robert and Diane Coderre

Kitty and David Crosby

Ted and Carol Cushmore Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Sherry Ann and Edward Dayton

Amie DeHarpporte and Jason Zimmerman

Jeffrey and Kate Diamond

Mary and Ernest Dorn

Leslie and Todd Eberhardt

Diane and Bruce Fenster

Beth Flaherty

Donald Frank

Susan and Timothy Gallagher

Teddy and James Gesell

Jennie Goloboy

The Haagensons~

Scott Hagg

D. Darlene Hauser

Carrie and Rich Higgins

Laurel Holschuh and John Grimstad

Sharyl and Ralph Reinheimer                                 

Eileen Roberts and Chuck Hoyum        

Savannah~ and Stuart Robinson                           

Joyce and Brent Roesler                           

Phyllis Saltzman

Scott* and Patti Savoy

Jennifer Scafe and Philip Young

Janet Scheevel

Bill and Deb Schultz

Christine and Donn Scroggins

Shea-MacIlravie Fund

Beverly Shivers

Ellie Siegel

Mitchell A. Skinner

Nancy and Richard Solum

Joan Sundquist and Jim Southwick

Nisa Tharayil

Amy and John Tillotson

Sheila Torney-Rockne and Thomas Rockne

Meredith and Sam Tutterow

Emily Anne Staples Tuttle◊

Ann Webster

Magdalena Wells⁺

Liz and Tim Welsh

Mary West

Sarah West and Raymond Robertson

E.J. Wexler Fund

Lisa Xiong⁺°^

Kathleen and William Howard

Mary and Jay Jackley

Laura and Westcott Jones                                      

Brian and Karen Joyce                              

Patricia Kriha                               

Bethany⁺ and Shaun Krueger                                 

Kathy Larkin                                 

John Lawlor                                  

Rita and Bill Lawson                                  

Joann and Don Leavenworth                                 

Janet and Steve Lerch                               

Stephen S. Lindley~# and Sarah A. Frank Lindley                            

Laurie and Paul Lokar                               

Maureen Ayers Looby and Matthew Olson                                     

Mary Ann MacLennan                              

Margaret MacMillan                                 

Marilyn R. Meline                                      

Sharon and Thomas Merritt                                  

Brian Mitchell                              

Chris Moen                                   

Laura and Bob Moore                               

Lisa and Michael Moore                           

Bennett and Sharon Morgan                                 

Ed Nater                                       

Sarah Newman                            

Jane and Robert Oberrender                                 

Eileen and Richard Pursley                                     

David Ratz and Amy Radermacher                                      




Susan Alpert

Anonymous (4)

Marion Bachrach and Jonathan Siegfried

Karen Zentner Bacig and Ed Bacig

Patricia and Bernie Beaver

Mark Bengtson

Sharon Benmaman and John Allen

Nancy and David Brady

Katherine Brown

Marilyn Bunge

Matthew Burns

Mimi and Eric Carlson

Jan Conlin

Leslie and Tim Connelly

Sally and John Cuningham

Caroline Davis and Peter Dahling

Val and Jeff Dreier

Duchesne Drew

Lorreal Edwards°

David S. and Barbara Eiger Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

John F. Eisberg and Susan Kline Charitable Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Jane Emison

Laura and Jordan Evans

Jessica and Jeremy Exley

Alicia Fan

Catherine Finch

David Fiocco

Gretchen Freeman

Katy and Jason Friesz Watt

Anne and Jon Gotte

Scott Grieger

Karin Hanson

Helen and Bill Hartfiel

Hawn Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Danielle Hennen

Katherine C. Perry

Mee Pha~

Sara and Bill Poulos

Curtis Rahman and Cindra Jurgensen

Kimberly and Bart Reed

Jennifer and Chris Reedy

T.J. Richardson

Wendy and Doug Robbins

Scott and Sarah Russell

Benjamin Ruxin

Amanda Sandford

Marketing that Matters, Lori Schaefer, Principal

Debbra and Lee Schoneman

La Tasha Shevlin⁺

Susan and Gary Singer

Jarell Skinner-Roy⁺

Cynthia Slater

Samantha⁺ and Collin Solberg

Ryan Solstad

Alicen Burns Spaulding

Ross Stockhausen

Peggy and Caesar Sweitzer

Jon and Heather Terry

Anna Thayer

Mary Thomas

Trenda Family

Andrea Wahman

Bob and Sharon Wahman

Krista and Tom Walters

Kristi and Conrad Wasmer

Emily and Robb Weidemann

Libby and Bob Weil

Geoff Wilson⁺ and Emily Poskie-Wilson

Thomas and Jeanne Young

Brian Zupan

Ben Herman~

Meghan⁺~ and Dan Hermes

Stephanie Hiatt

Carol Huss

Jim Ivey

Catherine and Kim Jackson

Heather Johnston and Jason Koch

Elizabeth Conway and Matt Kane

James and Nina Kinnear

Kathryn Klibanoff and Jeremy Edes Pierotti

Jessica Hilgart Kmetz and Ben Kmetz

Helen⁺, Rod, and Freddie Kouba

Teri Larson

Bruce Leslie

Parker Lewis

The Lidstad Family

Laura Liu⁺ and Kenneth Pomerantz

Peggy and David Lucas

Colleen and Stephen Lucke

Mike and Beth MacDonald

Helen and Robert Mairs

Seymour and Susan Mansfield Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Sarah⁺ and Rob Martin

Betsy and John Massie

Erik Mayr

Chris and Ruth Mayr

Malcolm McDonald

Erica and Timothy McDougall

Peter~# and Sara McGarraugh

Megan~# and Rob McNabb

Robert Morrow

Seng Moua°

Lynn and Terry Myers

Berit Nelson and Blake Hoel

Timothy O'Keefe


Up to $250

Kristina and Jeff~ Ostrom

Bryan Ott

Catherine and Louis Paglia

Gwenda and Laurence Pancoast

Sierra Pancoast~

Mary and Jack Parcheta

Henry Parker

Ali Parsons~

Jo Parsons

Joan Bennett Parsons and John Parsons

Kelsey Parsons⁺~

Caitlin Patterson and Rich Price

Michael and Jo-Ann Paul

Mary and John Pennycuff

Don Perkins and Elise Eslinger

Beka Peterson~

Angela Peterson

Russell Petricka

Shanae Phillips~#

Ben~ and Ashley Pierson

Sophie Pilhöfer~#

Emily Pocrnich~

Sally B. Polk

Andrew Pollen

Eugenia Popa

Michael Prellwitz~

Cathy Prose Romano

Michael and Judith Ptacek

Rachel Quay~

Kelly Quicksell~#

Sandra Rademacher

Mary Radford and Robert Dana

Erin Ramsey

Ayn Rassier

Brynn Rathjen~

Eric Rauch

Rinal Ray*~# and Getiria Onsongo

Mary Rddad

Kelley Redmond~

Patrick Redmond

Lacey Reierson

Susan and Charles Reinhart

Emily Resseger

Alexandria Reyes

Tasha Rhoads~

Eric Rierson

Riley Johnson Ries~

Emily Rifkin~

Gabriella Riley~


David Rivera

Anna J. Rockne⁺~

Deborah Roesler and John Kephart

Carlye⁺ and Kamas Rooney

Francie and Barry Ross

Samantha Rowbottom~

Shelly and Steven Rucks

Cassandra Rudy

Thomas Russo

Kari Ryan

"Duncan Sallstrom          "

Diane and Hugh Salmons

Miriam and David Sanders

Hana Sato~

Nina Sayer and Alexander Rothman

Esther Schak

Peter C. Schattauer~

Michele Schermann

Wendy Schmid

Glenda Schnirring

Katie and Jeremy Schroeder

Paul Schroeder

Joshua Schroetter

Diana Schutter

Krista Schuurman

Ellen Seesel

Miriam Segall

Bethany Sekora~

Michelle Sellars

Sesler Family Foundation

Pneena and Sheldon Sheps

Bronwyn Sherwood

Syrah Sherwood~

Janet Shockley

Janice Sickbert

Sam Sickbert~

Sophie Siegel-Warren~

Sally Silk and Tom Wolfe

Jessica Simmons

Svetlana Simovic and Gregory Filice

Samuel Singer

Howard Sinker and Juile Townsend

Andrew Sjerven

Rebecca Skoler and Steven Stovitz

Jenella and James Slade

Kyle Smestad

Anna Smith~

Emily Smith~

Patrick Snyder~

Spencer Sokoly

Elizabeth Songalia

Megan and Brian Sostek

Nancy and Lauren Soth

Jane Sovern

Emily Stacken⁺~

Charles Standish

Meaghan Stein

Jill and Rich Stever-Zeitlin

Claire Stokes

Emma Strand~

Sharon Strate

Judy Stuthman

Erin Sully~

Joe Susag~°

Graham Sutherland~

Caitlin Swanson⁺~

Carl Swanson

Adam Sweet

Jen Swenson~

Barb Symalla

Angie and Steve Tan

Shirley Taube

Amanda and Mark Tempel

Ashley Tepe~

Sandra Testin

Chuayi Thao~#

Jill and Hugh Thielen

Gary Thomas

Kyle Thomas⁺~#

Robin and Stuart Thomas

Samantha Timmerman⁺~°

Nicholas Tinucci

Joseph Tollison

David Torres

Emily Tritabaugh

Kelsey and Adam Tritabaugh

Gannet Tseggai

Nancy and Gary Van Cleve

Abby Van Meveren~

David Van Meveren

Jamie Van Nostrand

Nicole VanEnglehoven-Toal and Patrick Toal

Eegee Vang~°

Kia Vang•⁺°

Mai Chong Vang~

Sana Vang~°

Zer Vang*°^ and Dao Yang

Brandon Vaughn

Margaret Verlautz

Claire Vincent⁺

Al Vo~

Kung Vue~

Jack and Jill Wahman

Andrew Wallmeyer

Gail Waltz~

Joe Wax

Mollie Weiss~

Sonja Wermager~

Bonnie West and Fredrik Hedling

Employees of Wex Health

Erin Whitcraft

Claudia Wielgorecki and Tom Fisher

Frances and Frank Wilkinson

Dennis Williams

Anna Wilson⁺~

Lou and Hank Witman

Janet and Lee Woolman

Molly Work~

Glenn and Teri Woythaler

John Wyant

Chaia Xiong⁺

Eleanor and John Yackel

Rose Yackley~

Khou Yang°

Mae Yang~°

Christine Zander

Henry Zeisel

Lynn Zentner

Margo and David Zentner

Marie~ and Nathan Zimmerman

Matthew Zlatnik

Taylor Lipo Zovic~

Marit Aaseng~

Abdirahman Abdi~#

Julie and Russ Abrahamson

Joan Abrahamson

Wendy and Danal Abrams

Diane Ackert

Stefanie Adams

Muna Adani⁺~

Holly Ager and Robert McCabe

John Ahrens

Carol Allen

Cheryl Allendoerfer

Michelle Anderson~

Philip Anderson

Joe Andrews & Scott Benson

Anonymous (14)

Tara and Michael Arndt

Ricki Arnold

Samra Asghedom~

Lauren Ashwood~

Alexander Askew~

Kathryn Audette

Rodney Baakonen

Marcie Babcock~

Lynn and Robert Baker

Alec Bakke

Kumar Balasubrahmanyan⁺~

Shalimar Baldry

Mark Bannick

Morgan Bartlett~

Margaret Bartz and Bruce Anderson

Jennifer Ann Bastian

Jeanette Bazis

Lisa Beane

Joan Bechtold

Elika Beck~

Lisa Beckham⁺

Ryan and Andrea Beduhn

Kelly Bent

Rebecca and Thomas Bergman

Kristen Berkas~

Anne Lockner Bernat

Ruth and Michael Bettendorf

Bidisha Bhattacharyya~ and Brian Levy

Anne Birdsong

Ryan Black~

Ellen Blanchard~

Robert Blankmeyer

Andrew and Jennifer Block

Julia Blount

John and Jennifer Bobbe

Serena Bollinger~

Judy and John Bonnes

Regina Bonsignore and Rick Garber

Patricia Borchers

Ronald Bornsztein

Elizabeth Branca

Erik and Hanna Brandt

Patti Brase

Susan Briehl

David Briggs

Barbara Brin and John Beal

Abra Brisbin

Katie Brokaw~#

Matt Broughton~

Amy Browender⁺~

Barbara Brown

Kevin Bruins⁺

Matthew Brunner~

Bridget Budig~

Linda Burich and Gary Lynn

Mary Buschette

Michael Button

Kara and Michael Caccuitto

Carolyn Cahill~

Krystel Calubayan~#

Christina Cao~

Mark Carlson

Matt Carlson⁺~

Mark and Nancy Carpenter

Tim Carroll~

Courtney Castleberry~

Jane and Joe Cavanaugh

Mysee Chang

Gail Chester

Nathaniel Chiappa

Bonnie Christensen⁺

Brian Christensen

Marge and Jack Christensen

Elizabeth Ciner and David Schodt

Sheryl Cohen

Caitlyn Cole⁺~

Justin and Denise Cole

Kate and Dan Cole

Kelvin Collado

Chloe Collins~

William H. Conrad IV~

Jennifer Conway

Leah Cooper

Martha Cooper

John Coutley⁺

Nunciata Covey

Judith and Keith Covey

Page and Jay Cowles

Ginny and Will Craig

Shannon Cron~

Sarah Crumrine

Mr. Marcos Cruz⁺

Rachel Csintyan

Mary Jane Curran

Thaddaeus Dahlberg

Dr. Joy and John Davis

Monica and Charles Davis

Susan Davis

Cy and Paula DeCosse

Cherkos Dessalegn*~°

Karen Dewanz

H. Dhonau~

Amy Diedrich

Maria Dillon and Rush Tully

Diane Dingley

Megan Dobratz

Marie and Keith Dotseth

Janice Douglas

Jenna Duesterhoeft

Ryan Dugan

Seth Duin~

Dulas Family Charitable Fund

Ellen Dybvig~

Larry Eagle and Ellen Sovern

Dondi Edwards

Marcus Eeman

Dasola Ekunseitan

Meghan Eliason

Jackie Elliott-Anderson

John Elwell

Sabine Engel

Megan and Joe Eskola

Ann Etter

Katie Eukel

Janet Evans

Katherine Evenson~

Misha Evertz

Michelle Exline

Peter Fagrelius~

Anna~ Farrell and Josh~# Lambrecht

Sonia Feder-Lewis and Michael Lewis

Susan Feulner

Becky Fillinger

Kevin Finnegan~

Patrick and Melissa Finnegan

Ann Rukavina Fleming

Nikki Foster⁺

Grace Fowler~

Neil Franey

Ted Freed

Barbara Frohnert

Traci⁺ and Ben Fruland

Carolyn and Eric Fure-Slocum

Arthur J Gallagher Foundation

David Gardner~

Erin Imon Gavin

Darielle Gengler-Hanson~

Mike Gerold⁺

Aaron Gettinger~

Cynthia and Bob Gilbertson

Brian Gioielli

Debbie and Mark Glotter

Karen and Howard Gochberg

Karin Goettsch

Randy Goetz

Emily Goforth~

Mary and Joe Goldberg

Stanley M & Luella G Goldberg Family Foundation

Swarna Gopaal

Paul Gore

Kris~ and Jon⁺~ Gorman

Joe Gothard

Cheryl Gracey and Steven Carroll

Jody Grack

Alison Green

Sophie Grieger~

Mary and Roy Grow

Elizabeth and Michael Grundhoefer

Lisa Guyott⁺

Janet Ha

Shelby Haas

Lauren Hagen~

Dorrie and Greg Hagge

Jennifer Halbert

Marianne and Beach Hall

Laurie Halvorson

Sandy and Tom Hamel

Sarah Hammel~

Justin Hansen

Elaine and Stan Hansen

Karen and Craig Hansen

A. J. Hanson

Katie Hanson~

Kristin Hanson and Daniel Lockren

Keith Hardy

Rana Haroun~

Barbara and Ron Harris

Leah Harvey

Jan Haugland and Bill Horne

Lucas~ and Alice Havens

Joshua Hawes

Britney Hayes~#

Nora Hedling~ and Klas Johansson

Patrick Garay Heelan

Laura~ and Eric Heilman

Katherine Heise~

Emily Heitner

Bruce Henderson and Tessa Flynn Henderson

Cynthia Henning

Vincent Henry~°

Sheng Her~

Tori Hernandez~

Joan Higinbotham

Mary Hill

Sarah Hilton~#

Judith and Walter Hinck

Katie Hindman~

Eric Hofer

Lane Holden⁺~

Matt and Karla Hollinshead

Sarah~ and Matt Holmboe

David and Meredith Homans Charitable Fund

William Hoopingarner

Iris H.~°

Dave Hoppe Charitable Fund

Lisa Houdek

Nick Hoverstad~

Sally Howard

Melissa Howland~

Linda~ and Joshua Hummel

Anne Hunter

Charles Iadaresta

Nancy and Douglas Imholte

Heidi Interdonato

Anthony Jacobs

Donald Jakes


Kate Jaycox

Suzanne Jebe

Laura Johnsen

Arielle Johnson~

Brett Johnson

Carla Johnson and L. Thomas Turgeant

Charlotte Johnson

Dana Johnson~

Emily Johnson~

Jennifer Cox Johnson and William Johnson

Jeremy Johnson

Pamela and Dwight Johnson

Peggy and Dave Johnson

Tatyana Johnson

Thomas and Colleen Johnson

Joann and Paul Jorgensen

Russell and Laura Kaehler

Phyllis Kahn

Bob Kaitz

Ashley and Chad⁺ Karlsson

Meera Kashyap

Ruth Katz

Benjamin Kaufman~

Lindy and Jason Kearns

Chris Sullivan Kelley and Dan Kelley

Erin Kellogg~

Ethan Kelly

Jane and Euan Kerr

Truc Anh Kieu⁺~

Lindsey King~

Traci⁺ and Brian Kirtley

Julia Dayton Klein

Mina Kobayashi⁺~

Kathleen Koehler

Lisa Kohn

Josh Koletar~

Marina Komarovsky

Mike Koscielny⁺

Katie Kozicki~

Judy Krause

Sonja Kuftinec and Andy Arsham

Risa L.~

Angela Lakedon

Rachel Lam

Nancy Lamden

Susan and Robert Laney

Danny~ and Morgan Langseth

Kristen Larson

Sanjiv Laud~

Julie Laven~

Steven Lay

Douachee Lee~*°^

Gaochong Lee

Kacia and Willy Lee

Pang Lee°

Robert Lehmann~

Theresa Lehnen~

Tyler Leslie

Hannah Letchinger~

Mickey Levinger

Jacob Levy-Pollans

Judy and Steve Lewis

Brad Lewis~

Abigail Lincoln~

Brian Lindeman and Ami Berger

Nathaniel Lindley

Rachel Linnemann~

Kristin Hanson and Daniel Lockren

Robert G. Lockwood

Susanna and Tim Lodge

Ann Longfellow and Austin Bryan

Antonia Lortis

John and Tracey Lund

Jake M.~

Kelly MacGregor

Danielle Mair

Abigail Malischostak~

Alyssa Markle⁺~

Judith Marshall

Katie Martin~

Melissa Martinson~

Rick and Mo Massopust

Alan Mastbaum

Steve Mayeron

David McCorkell

James McDonald

Erica Duin McDougall & Kari Foley

Joel McFarland~

Michele McGraw and Tony Dodge

Kay McLean

Qortney McLeod

Melanie and Scott McRae

Walter and Nancy Meadley

Michael Mechtenberg

Sarah Meister~

Lauren Melcher

Bonnie Melville and Dan Terlouw

Cody Menning⁺

Alysa Meron-Pena

Ann Marie Mershon

Daniel Mesick

Kelly Michel~

Kelsey Midthun

Cori Miller

Floyd Miller and Jane Broendel

Kerri Miller

Elliot Mitchell

Andrea Mokros*

Vivian Moore

Janet~ and Luis~# Morales

Mandy Motl~

Mai Youa Moua~°

Eric Mueller and Burton Coffin

Laura and Mark Muhlstein

Laura Myers~

Lindsey Myrick~

Lauren Nakamura~

Jessica Neau

Laurie Neff

Elaine and Scott Nesbit

Marcus Newton~

Sandra and Mark Niblick

Lauren Nichols~

Ford and Catherine Nicholson Fund

Iniabasi Nkanga

Kimberly Noble

Elizabeth⁺ and Michael Nolan

Keeley Norton~

Jill O'Brien

Michaela O'Brien~#

Sarah~ and Andrew Odegaard

Yasmin Odowa~

Suzanne Oh~

Al and Christine Oldenburg

Shannon Oldenburg⁺

Claire Olson

Maeve Olson~

Ryan and Stephanie Onken

Leslie Opatz

Oprosko Family

Brian O'Rourke

Rebecca Ortiz


Matching Gift Companies

Ameriprise Financial



Arthur J Gallagher Foundation

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Best Buy

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

Boston Scientific Foundation

C.H. Robinson Foundation

Cargill/The Cargill Foundation

Piper Jaffray

Polaris Industries Inc.

The Prudential Foundation

The Saint Paul Foundation Foundation

Synchrony Financial

Thrivent Financial Foundation

UnitedHealth Group

We Energies Foundation

CR Bard Lutonix

H.B. Fuller Company Foundation

The Improve Group

Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren, Ltd. Foundation

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Marsh and McLennan Agency

McKnight Foundation

The Medtronic Foundation

PCL Construction Services, Inc.

PG&E Corporation


In-Kind Donations

A Baker's Wife

Baldy's BBQ

Chipotle - Cedar Ave

Chipotle - Highland Crossing

Chipotle - Washington Ave

Co-op Partners Warehouse

Costco - Burnsville

Culver's of Little Canada

Dairy Queen

Sara⁺ and Mark Dziuk

Green Mill - Saint Paul

Hamline University

Hy-Vee - New Hope

Jet's Pizza

Jimmy John's - Roseville

Target - Coon Rapids

Target - East Lake St

Target - Minneapolis

Target - Plymouth

Target - Roseville

Target - Saint Louis Park

Target - West Saint Paul

Trader Joe's - Minnetonka

Trader Joe's - Saint Louis Park

U.S. Bank Foundation

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

University of Minnesota - Crookston

University of St. Thomas

Julio Vargas-Essex*

Walmart - Maple Grove

Kowalski's Market - Lyndale

Lunds & Byerly's - Lake Street

Luther College

Macalester College

Mall of America Foundation for Youth

Mark and Nancy Carpenter

Andi and Michael Marston

Donald* and Karen Monk

Olive Garden - Roseville

Sam's Club - Maple Grove

Sam's Club - North Saint Paul

Sam's Club #4738

Jarell Skinner-Roy⁺

Staples - Roseville

Target - Bloomington


* National or Local Board Member
+ Staff Member
~ Current Service Member or Corps Alumni
⁰ Current Student or Program Alumni
◊ Deceased
• Pledged Commitment
# Corps Alumni Council Member

^ Alumni Leadership Council Member