Milwaukee Multi-Year Leadership Gifts   

Ascendium Education Group - $1,097,000 over 2 years

State of Wisconsin - $1 million over 2 years

Siebert Lutheran Foundation - $60,000 over 2 years

Stimac Family Foundation - $60,000 over 2 years

Gene and Ruth Posner Foundation - $45,000 over 3 years

Real Estate Alliance for Charity - $37,500 over 3 years

M&I Foundation - $30,000 over 3 years


Institutional Donors


A.O. Smith Foundation, Inc.

Associated Bank

Astro Tool & Die

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Millwaukee

Carthage College

Cedarburg-Grafton Rotary Club


Dorothy Inbusch Foundation

Elizabeth Elser Doolittle Charitable Trust

Evan & Marion Helfaer Foundation

Foley and Lardner, LLP

Four-Four Foundation

George L. N. Meyer Family Foundation, Inc.

Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors Youth Foundation

H H Camp Foundation

Husch Blackwell LLP


Milwaukee Bucks Foundation●

Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation, Inc.

Penfield Children's Center

Puelicher Foundation, Inc.

Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c.

Rite Hite Corporation Foundation

SysLogic, Inc.

University School of Milwaukee

V&F Roof Consulting & Service

Watermark Insights

We Energies Foundation

Up to $1,000

Aurora Health Care

City Lights Brewing Co.

Concordia University Wisconsin

Jerome J. and Dorothy H. Holz Family Foundation

Koss Corporation

Marcus Corporation Foundation

Marquette University

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

National Center for Housing Management (In honor of Ellen Drought)

Reliable Knitting

The Brookby Foundation

University of Wisconsin - Parkside

$500,000 and above

State of Wisconsin


Ascendium Education Group

Burke Foundation

Serve Wisconsin


Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Herb Kohl Philanthropies

Northwestern Mutual Foundation

Ray and Kay Eckstein Charitable Trust

The Richard & Ethel Herzfeld Foundation


Kohl's Cares. Kohl's Hometown Giving Program

Siebert Lutheran Foundation

Stimac Family Foundation


Anon Charitable Trust

Gene and Ruth Posner Foundation

M&I Foundation

Nicholas Family Foundation

Real Estate Alliance for Charity

Silver Lake College

The Travelers Companies, Inc.

United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County


Alverno College

BizTimes Media

Croen Foundation, Inc.

Donald C. and Laura M. Harrison Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation


GMF - Hepburn "Bootstrap" Foundation

Hauske Family Foundation

Lakeland University

ManpowerGroup Foundation

Mount Mary University

Schlitz Park/Brewery Works

Stella Jones Foundation

University of Wisconsin - Platteville

U.S. Bank Foundation

Weiss Family Foundation

Weyco Group Charitable Trust


Individual and Family Foundations


Thomas and Nancy Florsheim Family Foundation


Sean and Julie Cummings (In memory of Richard and Betty Cummings)

Jennifer and Tom Florsheim

Jackie and David* Gay

Madeleine and David Lubar

Susan* and Robert Mikulay

Joshua Smith (In honor of Henrietta Penn)



Donna and David Marks

Greater Milwaukee Foundation's William J. Murgas Fund

Shelly and Dick* Seesel

Mary Sprague

Ellen and Robert Venable

Lindy Yeager and John Florsheim

Donna and David Marks

Helen and Bruce Ambuel

Kimberly and Rick Dillon

Cindy and Jeffrey Harris

Christine* and Barry Holloway

Kelben Foundation

Mary and Ted Kellner

Camille and David* Kundert



Rhonda and Gregory Oberland

Katie Reinhart⁺ and David Domres

Nancy and Michael Roos (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Tracy and Jay Rothman

Marcia L. Smith and Ken Andrichik (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Mary Sprague (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Carrie and James Bedore

Michael Drescher

Lisa and James Gleason

Kim* and David Irwin

Barbara and Louis* Johnson

Meg and Matt* Kurlinski

Katie* and David Lucey (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)



Linda and Barry Allen Foundation

Melanie and Steven Booth (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Beth and Roger Clark● (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Karen Ellenbecker

Greater Milwaukee Foundation - Marsha Ernst Krueger◊

Heather and Patrick Finger

Molly and David Fritz

Molly Gallagher and Peter Kies

Mike Heyer and Susan Hoff

Nancy Jacobs

Judi and Joel Konicek

Krause Family Foundation

Nancy and Arthur Laskin

Marcy Lichterman and Paul Florsheim

Kay and Elmer Lorenzen

Joan Lubar and John Crouch

Robert Schwartz

Francie Shea

Pamela and Jeffrey Shovers

Brenda Skelton and Jim Bendtsen (In honor of our parents)

M.J. and Andy Smith/Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

Mary Staudenmaier

Sara Swanson and Mark Mone

Mark Theine

Betsy Trimble (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Edie⁺ and Andy Turnbull

Patricia Smith Wilmeth Fund (In memory of Pat and Harvey Wilmeth)

Madison Community Foundation's Sally Wilmeth and Terry Geurkink Family Fund (In memory of Pat and Harvey Wilmeth)

Diane and Edward Zore (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Kate Lundeen~ and Mike Glover●

Megan and James Madsen●

Laura* and Philip Malugade

Yvonne Manning

Laura Santilli and Doug Marx

Ann Mikulay

Beth and Mike Mikulay

Susan and Daniel Minahan (In honor of Bob Mikulay)

George and Julie Mosher Family Foundation

Erin Nass●

Sierra and Kaben Nimtz Charitable Fund at Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Marcus and Connie Perry

Candy and Bruce Pindyck

Podolsky Family Foundation

Cathy and Mike Roth

Keri Sarajian and Frederick Stratton III



Marianne and Bill Arpe (In honor of Mary and Ted Kellner)

Terri and Keith Baisden

Gretchen and William Burns (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Cathy Carlson and Michael Bausch

Tina Chang and Darin Leveraus

Greater Milwaukee Foundation's Colton Charitable Fund

Jackie and Omar Darr

Marsha and Sam Denny●

Amy and Jason Diamond (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Kimberly and Gary Draeger

Julianna Ebert and Frank Daily

Charles Egan

Kim and Bill Engibous

Nancy Flagg●

Barbara N Fuldner

Gregg and Laura George

Tammi Giesen●

Molly and Matthew Goetzinger

Peter and Terri Ogden

Kris and Mark O'Meara

Anne and Mark Plichta

Melinda and Scott Redlinger

Kelly Rourke and Andrew Hargarten

Marianne and Basil Salaymeh

Mary Schroth

Eileen Schwalbach (In honor of her parents)

Karen Steggall

Susan Strait

Katy and Dave Vetta (In honor of Camille and Dave* Kundert)

Pat Wesner and James Hoffman

Charles Whitaker

Stacey and Blair Williams●

Beth Wnuk

Erika and Jim Zaiser

Guissinger Family

Barbara Gurican and Scott Lamers

Kevin Heisler

Betsy Hemm and Steven Gorecki

Kari Janavitz

Jan and Frank Janzow (In memory of W. Th. Janzow)

Meg and Jeff Kasch●

Bradley Komisar

Christie and Bill Krugler

Billie and Michael Kubly

Peter Layde and Family

Janice and Ben Levy

Kate Martin

Connie Meltzer~ (In honor of her 37 students)

Jeff Morin and Brian Borchardt

Karen Nelson

Susan Nemetz

 Kristy Nielson and Bill Lorber                              



Dawn and Merlyn Albert

Kathy and Tom Alpren

Anonymous (3)

Katy Resop Benway~# (In honor of The Saint Joan Antida Classes of 2010 and 2012)

Paula and Jim Bickel

Johannes Britz

Mary and Ron Bucher●

Carr Family Fund at the Greater Cedarburg Foundation (In honor of Ted and Mary Kellner)

Mary and John Chandler

Daniel F. Connolly

Lydia Cooley and Andy Lechtenberg

Gwynn and John Crow

Ryan and Rozsa Daniels

Rita and Chris Davis (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Laura Domres

Jennifer Evran

Jeannie Fenceroy

Anne and Dean Fitzgerald

Susanne and Bill Gay (In honor of David Gay*)

Julia and Josh Gimbel

Gwenn and Joseph Graboyes

Beth Graham

Jamie Grant● (In honor of Silver Lake College of the Holy Family)

Kelly and Michael Grebe (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Barb Haig and Dan Schley

Diane Hatchell (In honor of Sara Villarreal~)

Mary and David Hertel

Mara and Samuel Poullette

Hanna Rausch

Alice Read (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Mary and Fred Rewoldt

Caitlin Riegert~

John Seesel and Joanne Grossman and Family (In honor of Shelly and Dick* Seesel)

Marsha Sehler

Judy and Don Shane (In honor of Katie Reinhart⁺)

Carol Shillinglaw

Kate and Fred Smith

Susan and Oyvind Solvang

Janet and Thomas Spero (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

L. William Staudenmaier

David and Tiffany Steffen

Susan and Paul Stewart

Susi and Dick Stoll Charitable Fund (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Alden and Gus Taylor (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Ann Terrell

Denise and Steven Trinkl

Adam Tuzzo (In honor of B 1/24 INF OIF III)

Andrea Whitaker (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Bill Whitaker (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Laura and James Wigdale (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Madonna and Jay Williams Family Fund

James and Patricia Wood

Amanda Wysk~#

Jill and Peter Holbrook

Ann and Tom Houghtaling (In honor of Hamilton Class of 2013)

Spring~ and Nick Holz Houston

Bill Hughes

Katherine Jafarian

Colleen and Thomas Janczewski

Katie and Tom Kister

Mary Lacy

Kathy and Kevin Lang

Kristin Layeux

Jan Lennon

Laura Liu⁺ and Kenneth Pomerantz

Elizabeth and Tom Long (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Amanda Lowney and Adam Tuzzo

Jim McCorkell⁺* and Chris Greenhow

Hillary McCown and Rick Donner

Chelsey Metcalf (In honor of Matthew Metcalf)

Dan and Kate Meyer

Katie Miota

Sam Mott⁺~

Nancy Seidl Nelson

Amy and Sara Nolan

Patricia O'Brien

Kelly and Rob Olejniczak

Aida and Harvey Padek

Linda and Nish Patel

Mary and John Pentler

Laurie and Matthew Piette


Up to $249

Bryan Ott

Cheryl and Brad Page

Lisa and Jeff Pereles (In honor of Katie Reinhart⁺)

Kathryn Perry (In honor of Susan Mikulay*)

Courtney Pfeifer~

Joan Pleuss

Ericca Pollack●

Suzanne M. Possell

Bridget and Theopolis Powell

Izzy Ramirez⁺~

Ben Rangel~# (In honor of Pulaski Class of 2017)

Lucy Reeve (In honor of Katie Reinhart⁺ and Dave Domres)

Rochelle Regenauer

Jill Reich

Mary Reinhart

Kelly Rickman●

Zuleyka Rios~#

Mary and Forrest Roemer

Staci Roscizewski~

Marina and John Rosenberg

Vivian M. Rothschild

Noah Rotter

Matt Runquist

Alicia and Bryan Sadoff

Lauren Salaymeh

Kelly Schaer⁺ and Wendel Hruska

Imy Schley (In honor of Katie Reinhart⁺)

Sally Schley

Jen and Todd Schoon (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Mary and Gary Schopp

Sharon and Michael Schuman

Dennis Sell

Cheryl and Andrew Seter (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Philip and Reva Shovers

Deanna Singh* and Justin Ponder

Liz Smith⁺

Amy and Cory Sovine

Mary Ellen Spiegelberg

Claire Starling

Jennifer and Charles Stearns

Courtney Steggall~# (In honor of Malcolm Hicks⁰)

Willow~ and Christopher~ Stewart

Maria Stone

Lia Stratton~

Shannon Strombom~

Rebecca Surges

Morgan Sweet⁺

Jennifer and Chris Tank●

Tiffany Tardy

Sibylle Tasker

Cody Taylor

James and Lisa Valenti-Jordan

Carolyn Vidmar~

Jennifer Waters~

Susan and James Weichselbaum (In honor of Courtney Steggall~)

Paul Whitaker

Jean Wilker (In honor of Katie Reinhart and Dave Domres Wedding)

Georgie Wilkins~

Walter Wilson

Carol and Tom Winkel

William Wise (In honor of Katie Reinhart⁺ and Dave Domres Wedding)

Hannah Yaritz~

Sara Yashar (In honor of Gilad Eisbruch~)

Mayra Alaniz*⁰

Amanda Albert⁺

Meg Albrinck

Sofija and Jonathan Anderson

Nicole Angresano

Anonymous (3)

Susan Apple (In honor of Mary Kellner)

Sara and Richard Aster

Karen Bauer

Bobbi Belstner

Gia Ben Hur●

Suzan Ben-Poorat and Richard Hack

Ashlie Benson~ (In honor of Vincent High School)

Annette Hayes Bishton

Stephen and Jennifer Bjork

Somkhit Boonheuan⁺~

Leigh Boswell (In honor of Jenny Wysocky~)

TJ Bryde (In honor of Liz Smith⁺)

Patrick Butler

Steven J. Carini

Siri Carpenter

Dave Celata

Leigh Barker Cheesebro

Mary Ellen and Jim Comp

Suzie Considine⁺~ and Kevin Layde~#

Emily Constantine

Johnny Craig

Julie Cull

Matt Cuozzo~

Jessica Curlett~

Rebecca Danner and Barry Holloway

Alberta Darling

Ashley and Zachary Day

Christina de Vizcarrondo

Ellen Drought

Rob Ducoffe

Kay Eilers

Emily and Avraham Eisbruch (In honor of Gilad Eisbruch~)

Barb and Dave Ellwein

Darrin Englebert

Carrie Espinosa~

Crystal and Rich Evans (In honor of Jaye Cordina)

Carolyn and James Ferraioli

Brian and Peggy Flannery

Deborah Ford

Barbara Franczyk

Ellen Gilligan and Charlie DeSando

Alain Giudice and Maria E. Villar Giudice

Walter Goodwyn

Benjamin Gorres●

Jorie and Phil Griesemer

Paolo Guttadauro

Sarah Haas and Eric Foley~#

Dorrie and Greg Hagge

Kyle Hagge~

Nari Haig and Mark Huber

Allie and Jacob Haller

Rosha and Ashanti Hamilton

Heidi and Bob Hanley

Andrea and Bill Harrison

Ann and Jeffery Hart

Brittany Hartl⁺~# and Justin Provance (In honor of College Possible Class of 2018)

Hartman-Wolff Family (In honor of Gil Eisbruch~)

Margaret and James Hartwig (In honor of David Kundert*)

Erica Harwell~

Lorraine and Michael Hastings

Katie and Tom Heinen

Annie Hernandez

Burnetta Hinterthuer

Jane and Stephen Hoffman (In honor of Dave* and Camille Kundert)

Dan Holzhauer

Kari Houghtaling~#

Kim and Jon Howard

Karen and Joel Huffman

Joseph and Hayley Hughes

Mary Beth Hughes

Richard Hugo

Joanne Ihling

Jon Isaac~

Natalie Jaskie

Susan and Donald Jauquet

Ashlie Jones~ and Tom Dulaney

Montavius Jones⁰

Jaleesa Joy~#

Gusphyl Justin

Garrett Kamerling

Erin Kaprelian

Tiffany Kelly~#

Cindy and Willie Kerlin

Robert Kirst

Mina Kobayashi⁺~ (In honor of MKE ERT)

Denise and Rich Kohnke

Shannon Carallo and Andy Komisar

Dale Kooyenga

Laurie and Todd Kotlarek

Marina and Frank Krejci

Billie Kubly

Janet and Ken Kurlinski

Becky~# and Imran Kurter

Janet Styles Larscheid

Allan Legler (In honor of Rosemary Keleher)

Emily Lensmire

Ellen Levine~

Gil Llanas

Mary and Dan Luckwaldt

Vincent Lyles

Roseann and Kevin Lyons

Jacob Maechtle

Sherry & Norm Malmon Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Coummunity Foundation

Heidi and Robert Manak

Ann and Marv Margolis

Debbie and John McGregor (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

James McLaughlin

Emily Sue and Gene Medford

Jill Meraz (In honor of Eva J. Meraz⁰, Class of 2018 UW-Madison)

Pam Miller

Ariel Milton

Susan and Tom Mongoven (In honor of Susan* and Bob Mikulay)

Martha Moore

Molly Moore⁺~

Holly Morse (In honor of University School of Milwaukee)

Linda and Whitley Mott

Nick Mulvey

Abigail & David Nash Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Milwaukee

Alisa Nelson (In honor of Donald Nelson)

Sydney Nelson● (In honor of Donald Nelson)

Rebecca Ortiz


Matching Gift Companies

AXA Foundation

Brady Corporation

CDW (In honor of Edie Turnbull⁺)

Foley and Lardner, LLP

GE Foundation

Lubar & Co. Incorporated

Rockwell Automation Charitable Corporation●

U.S. Bank Foundation


In-Kind Donations

Amazon - Kenosha Fulfillment Center

AMC Theater  - Mayfair

Augsburg University

Big Apple Bagels - Grafton

Big Apple Bagels - Hales Corners

BizTimes Media

Bounce Milwaukee

Breadsmith - Whitefish Bay

Chipotle - 27th St

Chipotle - Menomonee Falls

City Lights Brewing Co.

Comedy Sportz

Connecticut College

Costco - Grafton

Costco - Menomonee Falls

Costco - New Berlin

Costco - Pleasant Prairie

Costco Wholesale - Pewaukee

Cousin's Subs - Brady Street

Culver's - Brookfield

Dave's Bagels and Bread Cafe


Einstein Bros Bagels - 27th St

Pick 'n Save - E Garfield Ave

Pick 'n Save - Glendale

Pick N Save - Wauwatosa

Pizza Shuttle

Roundy's Supermarkets

Schlitz Audubon Center

Starbucks - Farwell

Starbucks - Ogden

Topper's Pizza

Toppers Pizza - Bayview

Toppers Pizza - Greenfield

Toppers Pizza - Kenilworth

Toppers Pizza - Northshore

Topper's Pizza - Waukesha

Toppers Pizza - West Allis

Trader Joe's - Brookfield

Transfer Pizzeria Cafe

University of Houston

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

University of Utah

University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee

Waukesha County Technical College


Einstein Bros Bagels - Brookfield

Einstein Bros Bagels - Mequon

Einstein Bros Bagels - Shorewood

Family Video - West Allis

Foot Locker

Fresh Thyme

Ian's Pizza - MKE Eastside

iPic Theater

Jason's Deli - Brookfield

Koss Corporation

Marco's Pizza


Metro Market - 27th Street

Metro Market - State Street

MillerCoors Corporation

MOD Pizza

Ned's Pizza

Olive Garden

Outpost Natural Foods

Panera Bread

Patricia O'Brien & Co.

Pepperdine University

Pick N Save - Bluemound Rd


* National or Local Board Member
+ Staff Member
~ Current Service Member or Corps Alumni
⁰ Current Student or Program Alumni
◊ Deceased
• Pledged Commitment
# Corps Alumni Council Member

^ Alumni Leadership Council Member